Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Say "I do" - Engagement

The year since I last posted has been was a big one. Derek and I got engaged, planned a wedding, and pulled it all off when we said "I do" on January 12, 2013. Since I'm back in blogging-action, I thought what better come back than to share the details of this very special year!

So to kick it off, we'll go back to the beginning--the engagement!


Derek and I have known for a long time that we wanted to be together forever. We'd looked at rings several times and settled on a style in the summer of 2011, so I knew it was coming soon. I just wasn't sure when!

In late October, Derek and I were out to dinner after I returned from a business trip when he said, "So, should I tell you after I talk to your dad?"

Of course I replied, "No!" I knew once he had "the talk" with my dad, the proposal would be any time, so I wanted it kept a secret. A few minutes and a few bites later he blurted out, "I just have to tell you! I talked to him!"

All I could do was laugh. Derek told me it was such a big conversation, he wanted to share it with his best friend. He just couldn't hold it in! That's how I found out the proposal was on the immediate horizon.

Over the next few weeks, I was on the alert for anything out of the ordinary that might signal the proposal was coming. I made sure to dress extra cute every day, so I would be just picture perfect when he pulled out the ring.

The Friday before Thanksgiving, Derek suggested we stay in, pick-up food, and watch a movie. After a long work week, I was game, and totally sure the proposal was coming after the holiday. We grabbed some Chipotle, I put on my sweats, and we snuggled in for the night.

I was watching TV, nibbling on chips, when Derek started acting totally strange! He wasn't forming sensical sentences and smiled like a maniac! I thought he was just being silly so I ignored him, but he kept it up. After a few minutes, I finally saw it! A beautiful, fancy ribbon tied around our dog, Arnold's, neck. I called Arnold over and pulled off the ribbon. Tied onto it was the ring! When I turned around, Derek was on his knee and asked me the big question. Obviously, I said "yes!"

For me, it was the perfect proposal. I was caught totally off guard, it was private between the two of us (something I wanted), and it involved our third musketeer--Arnold. I couldn't have asked for better. Sweatpants and all.

Just after the proposal with the ring bearer himself.

Two thumbs up! We're getting married!


  1. Hi Taylor! Glad you're back! That's so awesome that y'all got married, a HUGE congrats. It's been a big year for everyone, apparently. Nine months ago I had quadruplets. Yes, FOUR babies!! Can you believe it? My Texas Tales blog has been a bit taken over with kiddos, but our life is one big happy adventure right now. Can't wait to keep up with your new posts!

    1. Thanks for reading Amber! QUADRUPLETS! Congrats, Congrats, Congrats, Congrats! I can't wait to stop by and read how life is going with so many new babies around!

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