Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Say "I do" - Engagement

The year since I last posted has been was a big one. Derek and I got engaged, planned a wedding, and pulled it all off when we said "I do" on January 12, 2013. Since I'm back in blogging-action, I thought what better come back than to share the details of this very special year!

So to kick it off, we'll go back to the beginning--the engagement!


Derek and I have known for a long time that we wanted to be together forever. We'd looked at rings several times and settled on a style in the summer of 2011, so I knew it was coming soon. I just wasn't sure when!

In late October, Derek and I were out to dinner after I returned from a business trip when he said, "So, should I tell you after I talk to your dad?"

Of course I replied, "No!" I knew once he had "the talk" with my dad, the proposal would be any time, so I wanted it kept a secret. A few minutes and a few bites later he blurted out, "I just have to tell you! I talked to him!"

All I could do was laugh. Derek told me it was such a big conversation, he wanted to share it with his best friend. He just couldn't hold it in! That's how I found out the proposal was on the immediate horizon.

Over the next few weeks, I was on the alert for anything out of the ordinary that might signal the proposal was coming. I made sure to dress extra cute every day, so I would be just picture perfect when he pulled out the ring.

The Friday before Thanksgiving, Derek suggested we stay in, pick-up food, and watch a movie. After a long work week, I was game, and totally sure the proposal was coming after the holiday. We grabbed some Chipotle, I put on my sweats, and we snuggled in for the night.

I was watching TV, nibbling on chips, when Derek started acting totally strange! He wasn't forming sensical sentences and smiled like a maniac! I thought he was just being silly so I ignored him, but he kept it up. After a few minutes, I finally saw it! A beautiful, fancy ribbon tied around our dog, Arnold's, neck. I called Arnold over and pulled off the ribbon. Tied onto it was the ring! When I turned around, Derek was on his knee and asked me the big question. Obviously, I said "yes!"

For me, it was the perfect proposal. I was caught totally off guard, it was private between the two of us (something I wanted), and it involved our third musketeer--Arnold. I couldn't have asked for better. Sweatpants and all.

Just after the proposal with the ring bearer himself.

Two thumbs up! We're getting married!