Friday, July 31, 2009

Have more fun

Confession: I am not a natural light-blonde. And my roots have now grown out to the point that it almost seems pointless to go on and I feel I am about to succumb to my true mousey color. All of this just in time for me to once again have changed cities and thus be left to hunt down a stylist before I make an appointment.

While I go searching for the next person to color my hair (the only hands that have touched my locks more than twice in the past five years are my own) here’s a solution for all you blondes at heart out there who may be starting to go a little too au naturale.

To blend brown roots into blonde hair, sprinkle a little baby powder on the offensive area and rub around with a dry washcloth. Careful to not overdo it or you’ll look more dandruffy than blondie, but this trick should hold you over until your next bleach-fix.

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I made it on to Fabsugar with yesterday's posted look! Thanks Teamsugar!

Check it out here or submit a look of your own with this link!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009


My Mom is the ultimate bargain huntress. On any given day she’s styled to the nines in a look that cost a fourth of what most people would pay. Growing up, she taught me the ways of the hunt and I now know all the best spots to look for a deal.

Usually I tell my Mom to keep her bargains to herself because if it looks like a million bucks why should you tell anyone it was actually 10? But for the purposes of helping you find great sales, I’ll be sharing with you some of my bargain looks and where to find them.

This look:
Shirt, $7, Urban Outfitters (from the 50% off sale on sale last week)
Pants, $6, discovered in the clearance section at Target (seriously!)
Belt, purchased attached to a Forever 21 skirt
Wedges, Via Spiga, thrifted for just $12 at a Goodwill in NYC

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


One of favorite parts of visiting my parents (as I am now) is having certain meals that are standards in my family. A top choice is the poppyseed salad we had for dinner tonight. It makes a great, light dish year round and the Chinese rice noodles and sliced almonds give it a perfect crunch. Try adding in strawberries in the summer for a delicious bitter-sweet dish.

Poppyseed Salad
1 medium head romaine lettuce
3 green onions
¾ cup slivered almonds
1 T sugar
1 T butter
½ cup vegetable oil
¼ cup vinegar (½ regular vinegar and ½ cider vinegar)
¼ cup sugar
1 T seasoning salt
1 ½ t poppyseeds
¼ t pepper
4 oz package Chinese rice noodles

In a large bowl, combine onion and lettuce. In a small skillet, toast almonds in 1 T butter and 1 T sugar until light brown. Set aside. In separate bowl, combine oil, vinegar, ¼ cup sugar and seasonings and mix well. Just before serving, add almonds, noodles and dressing to lettuce. Mix well!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pen Pal

I’ve moved about five separate times in my life and now that I’ve graduated college I have an even broader network of friends spread across the globe. Regretfully, I’ve never been great about keeping in touch, but I promised myself after college I would send each friend at least one hand-written note a year on his or her birthday.

Now I’m going to up the ante for myself and commit to sending one “hello” through snail mail every week. It’s a easy, inexpensive gesture, but everyone knows finding something special in your real mailbox (not just your inbox) is enough to brighten an entire week!

If anything is going to help keep me faithful to my new vow, it’s a set of cute stationary. I’m thinking of picking up a couple of these adorable notes so I always have something on hand.

1. Vintage Telegram, $18 for 6,
2. Blank notecard set, $9 for 8,
3. Stitchable Stationary, $14.95 for 6,
4. Two Elephants, $14 for 8,
5. Black brocade, $12.50 for 8,
6. Vera Wang laser cut notes, $33.50 for 10,
7. Taxi in the rain, $7.50 for 8,

Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Target are also three great shops to look for note cards and stationary that are adorable and affordable.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Head over heels

Tanner P was drooling over Jillian’s Mango Mango toes clad in some killer Badgley Mischka heels (center) at “The Men Tell All.” The fierce heels seem to be sold out in most locations and will set you back an even fiercer couple hundred dollars. Here are several pairs that pack the same skyscraper heel and t-strap punch … all at under $100.

Clockwise from 12:00 (top): $48,; $90, Steve Madden,; $55, R2,; $49.90, Michael Antonio,; $89, Nina,; $69, Kenneth Cole Reaction,; $26.99,; $14.99,; $99.98,; $89.95, Glint,; $90,; $99.95, Jeffery Campbell,

Jump in

Spotted: Jillian in a super cute jumpsuit with Kypton on a speed boat in Hawaii. Kyp just got the boot and I can’t find the exact suit but here are some cute rompers that fit the bill.

Top row from left: $55,; $79,; $25,; Bottom row from left: $70,; L32,; $80,


It’s begun! Seeing Ed meet her family must have made Jillian feel pretty bright. She combined a bright yellow top, with white pants, hot pink shoes and a turquoise ring. A definite “yes” for a sunny date in Hawaii.

Clothing from left: Shoes, Guess, $89,; Yellow top, $16,; Ring, $10,; Pants, $65,

Choo Choo

Jillian dumped Robby D on the side of the railroad, making for one of the most awkward exits I’ve ever seen on “The Bachelorette.” She looked cozy and chic though when she cuddled up with the remaining guys in a black and white flannel shirt.

Earrings, $4,; Boots, $28,; Plaid tunic, $9.99,; Black jeans, Madewell, $88,; Leather belt, $25,

Charming the snake

Jillian kept her cool on an awkward date with the evil Wes in an outfit perfect for a stroll around Spain.

Clothing from left: Blouse, $39.99,; Shorts, $12.50,; Sandals, $29.99,; Earrings, $4.80,

Rompin' Around

Clothing from left: Denim romper, $99,; Yellow pumps, Jessica Simpson, $34 -75,; Hoop earrings, $3.80,

Bachelorette Bonanza

It’s an hour until the finale and I’m chomping at the bit to have all my Bachelorette questions answered. Why does Reid come back? Does he propose? Who does Jillian say “yes” to and what does the ring look like? And most importantly … why did Ed ever wear those short shorts?

As I ponder over the possibilities and wait for Chris Harrison to welcome me to the most dramatic finale of “The Bachelorette” of ALL TIME … I’ll be posting tons of Jillian looks for less.

And don’t forget to check out Lincee’s hilarious recaps on I Hate Green Beans.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


One day until the finale! It seems like so long ago that Jillian was making out with loads of cute bachelors all for the fun of creating a Western movie. Jillian donned some pretty fun get-ups for the shoot, but her best look of the day was the outfit she showed up in on set.

Clothing from left: Belt, $4.49,; Jeans, $30,; Cami, $26,; Boots, Nine West, $189,; Bangles, $47,

Image of "The Bachelorette" from

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Orange Glow

Jillian may have made a big mistake letting Reid go in Hawaii, but at least she looked fabulous doing it. The Bachelorette sported a flowing Diane Von Furstenberg dress that will set you back several hundred dollars. The look is summer perfect, with preppy colors but a wild pattern and long length that make it unique.

To get the look for less, I’ve first found this T-Bags dress available at Neiman Marcus for $212. At about a third of the cost, it has a similar drape and color scheme.

If this is still out of your price range, you can get a similar outfit by pairing a simple orange maxi dress with accessories to tie in the color combination from the original. While the hat makes this outfit a bit too casual for a rose ceremony, I love the tropical-perfection this outfit could bring to a summer day. The fact that the entire outfit from shoes to earrings is less than either of the other options makes it pretty appealing as well.

Diane Von Furstenberg dress; Image of Jillian from; T-Bags dress,; Sandals, $26,; Earrings, $2.80,; Dress, $69,; Hat, $25,

Friday, July 24, 2009

S.O.S. #2

It’s your last chance to find tons of items for under $5 online and in stores at Urban Outfitters. I want to use these to spell out, “Shh … dreaming,” on my bedroom wall.

Still deciding whether or not you should’ve bought that extra bra last weekend? Well until Sunday take 40 percent off a single clearance item at with the code 40Save. Don’t forget the site has more than just lingerie … I’m thinking these shoes (now under $100) are the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe.

Lord & Taylor’s online clearance is up to 80 percent off right now! Stock up on end-of-summer swim suits or coats for fall.

Save 20 percent off your purchases with this code WC2476 at As I’ve said, I’ve always been partial to a poster of Marilyn Monroe in my room and this one may be just the thing for my first apartment in NYC.

Black and Blue

Bachelorette Jillian (and the ABC producers) like to throw in a little surprise on each date … zip lining, flamenco dancing, helicopter rides … there’s always an unusual element. Perhaps it was those dates that inspired Jillian to go for a unique, but stylish pairing; combing her black and white striped dress with a pair of bright blue heels.

I like how the pop of color makes the black-and-white pattern less matched. Here is my version of the outfit complete with a Tory Burch bag available at Bag, Borrow, Steal where you can rent out a designer goodie for an incredible price.

Clothing from left: Clutch, Tory Burch,;Dress, Love YAYA Carrera, $71,; Stiletto, L20.00,; Cuff, $14.99,

Image from

Tastes Good

I’ve been a little behind in my postings due to all-day interviews in New York City yesterday. But to reward myself for successful completion of a nerve-racking day, I treated myself to a victory cupcake because that’s right … victory tastes so sweet.

While I play catch-up on my blogging, here are a few of my favorite cupcake and baking sites to have you craving success too …


Cupcakes Take the Cake
Bake It Pretty
My Baking Addiction
52 Cupcakes

Image from Cupcakes Take the Cake

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Smell The Roses

Kipton is one hot bachelor, so it’s no wonder Jillian donned an outfit that could go from sexy single to girl-next-door sweet when she went home with him to meet his family.

The fitted denim dress is great to show off a fit figure, while the floral cardigan makes the look parent-appropriate.

Here’s my version of the ensemble … a little something to keep in the back of my closet in case break dancer Michael comes back to take me on a home town date.

Clothing from left: Dress, $22.90,; Cardigan, $14.99,; Wedges, $29.99.

Image of Jillian from

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Line Dancing

I originally liked pilot Jake after his first date with bachelorette Jillian. He was cute, smart, kind, successful and if I recall, said something dreamy about waking up one morning to jet off for breakfast in Europe.

We soon realized Jake would need someone a little more cardigan sweaters and ribbon-tied ponytails than Jillian for a wife, and the bachelorette gave him the boot. But while Jake was out, Jillian’s cute, swingy, country-meets-twenties outfit from their first date is a definite in.

Clothing from left: Ring, $12,; Dress, $100,; Boots, Naughty Monkey, $122,

Image of Jillian and Jake from

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Grass is Always Greener

My sister spent days searching for a green jacket like the one bachelorette Jillian wore in Vancouver, to take on her own vacation with her (solitary) boyfriend. Turns out Jilly’s little number would’ve set my sister back more than the trip itself, so needless to say, she did without.

Here’s a version of the jacket for a much more affordable $106. I also took the liberty of adding in the heartbreak tee; perfect, I think, for all those sad fellas who had to take a moment to say their goodbyes.

Also, if you’re looking for a good laugh about the show, check out Lincee’s blog I Hate Green Beans. I look forward to her hilarious recaps every week.

From left: Scarf, $19.50,; Tee, Heritage 1981, $14.90,; Jacket, Maharishi, $106,; Boots, Sketchers, $89,

Image of Jillian from

Monday, July 20, 2009

Will you accept this rose?

My major guilty pleasure is weekly watch parties of “The Bachelorette” with the girls. I’ve never been a real sucker for the series, but something about this season really caught my attention and I even confess to cheering and jeering outwardly during the most poignant moments.

My favorite part to watch each week, however (especially since the episode when my major crush Michael the break dance instructor was kicked-off the show) is what bachelorette Jillian Harris is wearing. She has a casual, laid-back style that says she can hang with the guys, while simultaneously remaining effortlessly feminine.

In honor of the week leading up to the season finale (Monday, July 27) I’ll be breaking down a Jillian outfit each day and telling you where you can find a similar look.

So get shopping and go out there and meet some men! Oh, and give Michael my number if you see him.

Clothing from left: Belt, Kimichi Blue, $20,; Clutch, Bakers, $40,; Dress, Three Dots, $79,; Shoes, Aldo, $25, Aldo

Image of Jillian at "The Proposal" premiere from

A Thrifty Prize

One of my favorite blogs, The Year of Living Thriftily, dedicated to complete second-hand and vintage shopping for 365 days (which has resulted in a beautiful and eclectic wardrobe for blogger and online vintage store owner Sarah Dean) is hosting a giveaway for an adorable item by Mink Pink from

Want to win one of these fabulous items? (I’m especially partial to this gingham “Kansas” dress as it is my current location.) Simply post a comment on her blog and be entered in the contest! Good luck and please let me borrow if you win!

From left: all items from Mink Pink at, Kansas Dress, $93; Love Ranger Skit, $312; Seeing Red Dress, $101.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stolen Style

A former Hugo Boss model discovered Thursday that crime doesn’t pay quite like the catwalk. He was caught after being involved in a string of robberies at gas stations and delis in NYC.

Luckily, none of the robbery victims were seriously injured by the ex-model and his accomplices, but he’ll no doubt be doing some prison time where hopefully he can get some help for whatever problems drove him to this troubled lifestyle.

While crime certainly is no joke … here’s a look to prove prison orange and stripes can be fashionable … for those of us on the right side of the law.

From left: Black sandals, $19,; Striped Tee, $26,; Orange shorts, Cheap Monday, $17,; Chanel Bracelet, Chanel.

Last Day!

Don't forget today is the LAST day to save an additional 50% off sale items in store at Urban Outfitters

... and the final day of an extra 25% off sale items at (use code 25Clear).

Image from

I love my BF

Boyfriend blazers have been popping up everywhere and I’ve been dying to have one. They make the perfect light weight jacket over everything from shorts to dresses for cool summer nights. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered the perfect black BF blazer by Kensie Girl on sale for just $15 (originally $98) at Marshalls!

Now I’ve been thinking of all the cute ways I can wear it and I spotted this picture of Nicky Hilton looking casual chic in her boyfriend blazer, white tank and Christian Louboutin booties.

I’ve found a more affordable version of Nicky’s look pulled together with open-toed lace booties available for $150 at BlueFly and this $64 blazer from Fred Flare (remember to use the code JUMP to save $10 at Fred this weekend!). At less than $300,this entire look is less than Nicky’s shoes alone.

I just love my BF!

From left: Boyfriend blazer, Fred Flare, $64,; Jean shorts, Forever 21, $15.80,; White tank, Old Navy, $10,; Heart Locket, Forever 21, $6.80,; Quilted heart purse, Top Shop, $41,, Black lace booties, Pour la Victoire, $150,

Photo of the Hilton sisters from

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breaking News

Sometimes great fashion can be found in the most unexpected (and affordable) places. I recently stumbled upon this pair of ivory patent pumps with a flower heel and loved how unique they look. I was surprised to see they were from Newport News, somewhere I’ve never shopped before. I was even more pleasantly shocked to see they are a steal at only $35 … a low-price must since a pair like these isn’t for everyday wear.

I decided to see what else Newport News has to offer and found several great heels at incredibly great prices! This platform pair with three ankle straps for a bold detail are the most expensive at $39. I love the ruffle detail and contrast of the heel on this grey pair at just $15! And can you believe this pair of slouchy black boots (sorry for the blown-out image) is just $12? They’re worth it even if I wear them once.

Try the coupon code L25 to get free shipping and see how many pairs you can stock up on for next to nothing! Send me the news!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I’ve had a poster up of Marilyn Monroe in my room since middle school – the blonde hair, confidence, old Hollywood beauty has always spoken major glamour to me. I’ve rarely seen many posters that stray from the few typical images of Marilyn … white dress, Life magazine profile, tutu skirt picture … so you can imagine my delight when I found F*** Yeah Marilyn Monroe, a blog completely dedicated to photos of the icon. These were two of my favorites since they show a goofy and a natural side of Marilyn you don’t see too often.

S.O.S. #1 (Stuff on Sale)

Each Friday I’ll be on the lookout and let you your know the best places to save this weekend and into next week … the hottest sales, the best freebies, the places to get the most bang for your buck! I hope you find some goodies!

Now through Sunday save an additional 50% off sale items at Urban Outfitters, in store only. I’m hoping to find this and this sweet dress that, paired with a leather jacket, will carry me into fall.

Tuesday, July 21 savor a free pastry with the purchase of a Starbucks beverage in stores from open until 10:30 a.m. Hurry! First come, first served!

This weekend only use the code JUMP on to get $10 off a purchase of $25 or more. I think this would be a lot of fun in my bathroom and the discount gives me an excuse to finally buy this sleep mask inspired by one of my favorite movies of all time, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Working on your scrapbook? Now through July 25 use the code SUMMER50 at Photo Center and get 50 4x6 prints for just $5!

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is going on online and in stores this weekend. Stock up on fall musts like these amazing riding boots and this adorable coat.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

At Kansas City Homes and Gardens were celebrating the success of our magazine with a staff picnic tomorrow afternoon at our editor-in-chief’s house! I’m in charge of bringing dessert and all week I’ve been thinking of what I can bake (with limited access to supplies in my temporary sublet).

I decided to use this recipe for Monogrammed Cream-filled Cupcakes from Instead of regular-spread frosting, these cupcakes are dipped in a mixture of chocolate frosting, chocolate chips and corn syrup for a shiny, glazed look. Be careful when dipping as the frosting pulls on the cupcakes and it’s easy to lose a few into this chocolaty soup!

Before dipping, I also made a small hole in the cupcakes and filled them with a mixture of vanilla frosting and marshmallow fluff for a sweet surprise in the middle. Instead of initials, I’ve drawn tiny houses in honor of our publication!

They look delicious (a bit misshapen due to my lack of muffin pan) but I can’t wait to share! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pink Champagne

Every week I'll bring you another glamorous pin-up girl (this one again by the classic pin-up artist Alberto Varga) and the looks of today that they inspire.

And another quote from Marilyn Monroe ...

"I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful."

From left: Bag, Lauren Merking, $225,;Gold pumps, Alexander McQueen,$489, ; Silk top, Alexander McQueen, L178,; Lace shorts and bra, Carine Gilson,$355 and $300,; Pink Bonny Skirt, French Connection,; Ring, Aurelie Biderman,;;Pink sandals, Berny Demore, $393,; Silk charmeuse top, Stella McCartney, $1,095,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh La La!

Happy Bastille Day! On July 14 France celebrates the storming of the Bastille in 1789 symbolizing the rise of a modern nation. While I wish I could hop a plane and join the celebration right on the Champs-Élysées, a trip to Paris isn’t in the cards for me right now. Maybe next year …

In honor of the French holiday, I’ve found the most fabulous French-inspired wares Etsy has to offer. Bonsoir!

These beautiful yet simple necklaces made by annekiel are adorable expressions of endearment for anyone you love. I think the “Mom Amie” (my friend) necklaces would be great gifts for girl friends (bridesmaids maybe?) and “Mon Coeur” (my heart) would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift for next year.

Delicate pink crepe paper flowers with French writing by luckygirlgoods make for beautiful scrapbook accessories or a unique bow on your gift wrapping.

I love this antique map of France ring. It’s a unique piece that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye and be a great addition to an outfit. (by mylavaliere)

Paris is for lovers and I love how romantic and mysterious this print by irenesuchocki is. It’s like looking at the Eiffel Tower through heart-shaped raindrops.

Another great necklace that will have you saying, “yes,” in French of course! (by ourteaparty)

These antique mugs and saucers from the Eiffel Tower were once a prized souvenir from a trip to France. Make them a kitschy part of your tabletop collection from woolmountaindestash.