Monday, February 15, 2010

Kiss the cook

A few years ago I picked up a vintage 1950's apron, much like this one, at an antique store. I love the delicate, lacey look of old aprons like this and this, and soon I began a small collection, picking up a frilly apron or two when I spotted one I couldn't resist.

As beautiful as these pieces are, it seems women in the '50s were able to keep themselves and their kitchens quite tidy while prepareing a meal, as the sheer, dainty aprons from their generation don't do much against an electric mixer spewing flour across a room.

I know this, because I am an unfortunately messy cook, who spends more time on clean-up than actual meal preparation! As such, I've also found that I've needed to add a few modern aprons to my collection with full-frontal coverage to avoid the spills, drops and drips that otherwise would cover my clothes.

If you're like me, and need a protective shield while you cook, or you just like the look of a pretty apron, here are a few modern models you can pick up.

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow when I'll show you the Single in the City Valentine's Day cake I baked for my friends!

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