Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Want to see something cute?

Miss Chelsea in the above video is a Teach For America corps member, one of 8,200 teaching this year to change the lives of over 500,000 students growing up in some of our nation's most impoverished school districts.

Want to help students like the super scholars? All you have to do is shop! That's right! This weekend (March 17 - 20) when you use the coupon at this link, you receive 30% off at Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic (outlets included) while 5% of what you spend goes to support Teach For America's efforts to close the achievement gap.

Just click, print, and shop! And feel free to pass the link onto friends, family, and your own readers. You can even pass the coupon to the shopper behind you in line after you check-out and ask her to do the same!

So spread Spring style and help our kids get an excellent education.

Thanks so much!

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