Monday, March 7, 2011


Ah weekend, I miss you so much already. Friday night Derek and I made a scandalous maneuver when after seeing an early (and disappointing) showing of The Adjustment Bureau, we decided to walk unabashedly into a showing of Rango that had just begun. It was a very daring and deceptive maneuver, but Rango was a much, much better movie and it gave us an excuse to eat more candy.

After such a sugar rush on Friday, Saturday morning we went for a bright and early hike, then got dressed and went down to Coronado Beach and the Silver Strand for a bike ride. We worked up such a sweat we decided we deserved some chips, salsa, and margaritas. I was particularly tickled pink when Derek's prickly pear margarita turned out to be the girliest looking beverage on the menu.

We finished our day off with a stroll along the beach, some shopping, and dinner at a wine bar. A perfect Saturday I must say!

Sunday was full of errands - particularly the hunt for a new place to live (we're out of this apartment at the end of May and are picking the perfect new neighborhood) and a sofa/loveseat living room set. If you have any ideas on where to get an affordable but stylish set please let me know! I think we've exhausted all our options.


  1. Those pictures are SOOOO cute!

  2. These photos are DARLING - you look like you are having sooo much fun!

  3. So many gorgeous photographs to make one long for summer.

  4. ADORABLE pictures! new follower!


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