Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've always been pretty non-committal, so the thought of investing in one piece of art for my apartment to last me years to come isn't exactly appealing.

Enter Etsy into my life. This one-stop-shop for everything homemade is the perfect spot to get an original piece of art for a fraction of the price at a fancy gallery.

Many of the unique creations are under $30 and a purchase from the site means you're supporting a budding artist!

The prices are so great, you can change the look of your walls as often as the seasons.

Try picking four pieces of original art of photography that go with your current mood. Right now I'm totally falling in love with fall so this creation from four separate artists' work is the perfect compliment for my decor.

When the seasons change, I'll save the frames but switch my art out for a wintry look that will bundle my home in a silvery glow.

Each of these pieces is under $30, so a set of four will only run me less than $100 a season and a few frames from Michael's will round out the look.

Check-in tomorrow to see my picks for spring and summer.

Fall clockwise: by Nature and Art, $12, by OlgaStudio, $20, by Lynda Naranjo, $22.
Winter clockwise: by Nature Mandalas, $24, by Diana Pantz, $15, by Memento, $30 by Sparke, $20

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