Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yesterday I showed you how to use orginal pieces of photography from Etsy to cover your walls in seasonal looks for fall and winter. Today I've found you the best pieces for spring and summer!

So pine for warmer months, go pick up a few inexpensive frames and start shopping on Etsy!

Spring clockwise: Pink Magnolia Bloom by NatureMandalas, $24; Spring Bloom by NatureMandalas, $14; Oh for Spring Again, by BucksCountyFrames, $35; I would follow you anywhere by ZuppaArtista, $24.

Summer clockwise: Beach Day by Urban Pink Photography, $24; Feel the sun by Arialmages, $25; Palm Springs Swimmer by LunaParkProductions, $25; Ferris Wheel II by Blissful Colors, $35.

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