Friday, March 4, 2011

10/30 So nice to see you, Friday!

Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Old Navy: Belt: thrifted: Shoes: thrifted, Necklace and bracelet: gifted

Ah Friday, it has been too long. Thanks by stopping by!

I hate to make my cold weather friends sad, but I must confess it is predicted to be in the 70s and very sunny all weekend, and Derek and I intent to spend every moment outside. The weather we've been having lately has left me with a serious Vitamin D deficiency and I plan to cure myself all weekend long.

For those of you lacking this sunny luxury, I feel for you. You have two options. 1) Come visit me ASAP or 2) Check out some of these springy images to get you through. Happy weekend!

Oh la la! Can I have my birthday dinner here?

You'll never feel down surrounded by sunny yellow! All these images are amazing but I'm particularly enamored with the stairs.

I love, love the application of wallpaper to this nightstand.

Please someone try to make this lamp!

Did I mention how much I love yellow?

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  1. i loveeee yellow too...puts me in such a happy mood as i live in the most dreary state in the US (ohio...well it's just dreary today!). hope u have an awesome weekend girl!

    <3 megan


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