Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have pure joy

During last weekend's stroll on the beach, Derek and I wandered onto the leash-free dog beach so I could drool openly over how much I want one of my own, and not even look out of place! And I must say, there is nothing more joyful than a dog at the beach - frolicking in the waves, chasing toys, and meeting new friends - it reminds me of a book called Dog Heaven I read as a child.

So this weekend, I hope you're as joyful as a dog at the beach! Here are some links I liked this week to help the happy factor.

Black and white and read all over!

I simply can't wait to have a non-community laundry room, but if I had this one, laundry would feel glamorous!

This pasta dinner we made this week was light, easy, and absolutely bursting with flavor. Mmm, baked goat cheese!

Be prepared for astonishment, these are real people, painted!

Oooh! I think I'll wish for an herb mill in my Easter basket.

I'm quite jealous of this find and DIY art idea! Fabulous!


  1. ahh. just what i needed to read: "have pure joy". it's been a rough week in my world and this post was refreshing. not to mention, while helping my sister in law show for items for her baby nursery we came across that book, "Dog Heaven". she couldn't read through it briefly without tearing up so i tried, and there we both were, in the middle of the book store, fighting tears over a book about dog heaven. so of course we bought it! :)

  2. Le toddler looks just as happy frolicking in the waves as those fur babies. Note to self...Need to get the fam to the beach stat!


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