Friday, August 7, 2009

Smitten and delicious

I’m absolutely smitten with my new favorite cooking blog, Smitten Kitchen. I’ve always loved to cook but until I started blogging myself, completely overlooked the possibility of searching recipes through the blogosphere, rather than through a cookbook. Smitten Kitchen not only serves up a variety of recipes but the up close and personal photography makes me drool over every virtual bite.

This weekend I tried three recipes from Deb’s fabulous postings.

Saturday morning I baked Raspberry topped lemon muffins. The recipe was pretty simple (although grating lemon peels was a bit rough on the wrists) and the final result were both beautiful and incredibly delicious. They were gone in a matter of moments! These would be a great option in a muffin basket as a gift or to bring to a brunch – I love the look of the raspberries on top!

Saturday night I made Sausage-Stuffed Potatoes for dinner. This recipe is just what every Midwestern girl loves – her meat and potatoes – and made for a comforting, delectable meal. I substituted breakfast sausage for spicy Italian sausage and loved the extra kick.

My Sunday night endeavor was quite an undertaking. I made Devil’s chicken thighs and braised leeks and confess it was the most complicated recipe I’ve cooked to date (not that the braising of leeks helped much). After much slaving and sweating (combination of the cooking and the jog I took while the leeks braised) over the stove and cutting board, the result turned out fabulous! A messy array of leeks, chicken, breadcrumbs and spices that serves up a different flavor in every bite.

Logo from the Smitten Kitchen site, image of muffins by me

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