Friday, November 26, 2010

Add some flare

My last secret weapon store is I love this shop for their unique gifts and cute clothes, that are in such variety they can really appeal to anyone on your list. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. For your Christmas-crazy friend: Holiday Scented Pencil Set,$10
2. For the diva with a sense of humor: Puffy the Eye-bag Slayer, $6
3. For your sewing sister: Button-up Earrings, $10
4. For your silly boyfriend: Toddland Moustache Wallet (love this because it includes a mini moustache sticker for your driver's licence).
5. For your organized-chic chick: Kate Spade 2011 Desk Organizer, $22
6. For your artistic kid-sister: Play with your Food Dinner Plate, $18
7. For the life of the party: Wine Monkey, $14
8. For the zombie movie buff: How To Speak Zombie $15.95
9. For the snow bunny: Cozy Creme XL Scarf, $29.99 (love how big this scarf is since it can be a shawl or great travel-blanket all-in-one).
10. For your geeky kid-brother: Build Your Own Kaleidoscope, $14

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