Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Serving up some new decor

As promised, here is a photo of the dish "art" Derek and I created for our dining room! The plates were purchased at Marshall's for $3.50 each on clearance and the frames (with a few coupons) were just $7.50 each at Michael's. While I was hoping to find some sticky plate hangers as described in this how-to, none of our local stores carried them so we went with some more traditional bungee plate holders that were $2 a piece. The small hook that hangs over each plate is far less noticeable than I anticipated and I'm happy with them!

Overall I love how the plates add such depth and texture to our walls. I'm also thrilled that we were able to decorate an entire wall for less than $40!

I thought I'd also share a few details on the rest of the dining area! The kitchen table we purchased from a CraigsList seller for just $75. I was skeptical at first since it's a bit country with tiny chickens (yes!) painted on the chairs, but Derek assured me that it would look more cute than country with the rest of our decor. I was sold on the woven seats, yellow color, curvy shape, and price, so we went for it! I couldn't be happier.

We also found this orange pitcher at Marshall's and I love how it looks as a flower vase and centerpiece.

I hope you enjoy! And please share any inexpensive DIY wall decor you've created!

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