Wednesday, February 9, 2011

4/30 aka just call me Denim Dan

In case you were wondering, my fashion inspiration for outfit number four ...


  1. bhahahaha...words can't describe how much I love this. Britt holds a special place in my heart, despite all of her crazy. Come to think of it, it's probably because of all of her crazy. Regardless, the only way this could have been better is if it were KFed standing beside her in that getup.

    Oh, and you look great in denim!

  2. taylor, you are adorable and i literally laughed out loud when i saw your "inspiration" of that hideous outfit set brit and timberlake once wore! glad to see you're sticking with the outfit challenge. i love those boots. once i get my HUGE mess of a bedroom cleaned up, i might try it out. but we're still a ways from that, lol. in the meantime, i'm sneaking in an outfit pic into my blog every now and then to test the waters. keep it up, i love seeing what you're going to wear next!!!

  3. Cute outfit, I love the scarf...and your inspiration is truly...inspirational.. :P


  4. Taylor! Ok aren't you the cutest thing ever! LOVE this outfit and the inspiration girl ;)!!


  5. Haha I love the inspiration, I remember those good ol days when brittney was normal. I love the jeans on jeans look, way too cute!!

  6. Oh my god. Yeah. I guess that happened.

    Actually, her dress is pretty amazeballs. But I feel like the accessorizing was a little...excessive? I mean, a denim bag is one thing. But a denim boyf? Hold the phone.

    Your version is worlds classier. ;)

  7. I miss old Britney.


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