Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Small steps

As a DIY and design lover, it's sometimes rather difficult to me feel satisfied living in an apartment. I can't paint the walls, can't change out the cabinets, can't update the bathroom hardware, and can't otherwise make any large, destructive moves that will significantly alter the place without incurring a large fine when we move out.

So I try to find other ways to make small changes in the apartment that make it feel like home, without damaging the "goods."

Since the apartment came with cheap-o-la towel bars, similar to those you find in a motel, one update we made was to swap it out for these two "D" and "T" hooks I found at Micheals in the $1 section. I cut out some scrapbook paper and Modge Podged it on, and Derek removed the old towel bar and put these up to be replaced before we move out. For $2, it's a great update that makes our home feel a little more personalized.

Are you an apartment-dweller? Any tips for making it feel like home?

P.S. Getting on a plane to D.C. for the next few days! Hooray!


  1. so cute! a simple way to personalize the space and make it yours!

  2. I like your new towel hooks!
    It's hard to add personality to an apartment. I had a friend in the military and she used to use laundry starch to adhere fabric to the walls. When it was time to move, she's squirt it all with water and peel it off.
    Japanese masking tape sounds easier to me! It's pretty cool stuff~have you seen it?

  3. I feel the same way! I love a good DIY but am afraid of the backlash of putting giant holes into my apartment walls, or painting them a color when I know at the end of my lease I have to paint them back boring white.

    I just bought the cutest hooks for my scarves/hats in my closet, not on the blog yet but they are one thing I don't feel bad about nailing to the wall!

    ❤ Katherine at


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