Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Writing in circles

Inspired by this charming post from Living With Lindsay I set out to make a wreath of book pages akin to the adorable one Lindsay crafted for her home, below.

Lindsay used paint to age the pages she tore from a dollar store romance novel. I set out to do the same, but realized I didn't have the proper colors of paint. What I did have however, was a Cosmopolitan magazine from the 1940s - already aged and with a pretty, newspapery feel. Now before you gasp at the horror of me ripping through a vintage Cosmo, please note that it was already beyond salvaging and I originally purchased it for less than $10 to create some wall art with the intact pages (post on that to come).

So, armed with my ripped apart magazine, and a whole lot of patience, I created the below beauty for our front door (please disregard ugly door color - apartment living does not lend itself to the most aesthetically appealing paint jobs).

I'm so happy with the unique, vintagey result and though I'll be changing it out soon for a Christmas wreath, I plan to hang this baby most of the year round.

Should you want to create a wreath of your own, Lindsey's post has a great video to help you out! Here is the method to my own madness:

1-2 books or 1 magazine (depends on the size of the wreath)
Wreath base (I used straw but Styrofoam would work well)
Hot glue gun

1. Begin by taking out all the pages and rolling them up as you see fit! I rolled mine in various ways, folded some in half, ripped others in half, etc. Get creative!
2. Flip the wreath to the side that will be the back. Begin by making a ring around the back side of rolled-up paper so that when you flip it back over, you will see the rolls sticking out the bottom.
3. Begin working around your wreath, folding a tiny bit of the bottom of each roll to attach the glue to. Glue pieces in random order (creativity!) using the pencil to push each down so you don't burn your fingers.
4. Continue doing this until your wreath is full.
5. Tie a ribbon into a bow around the top or finish it off with any other creative decoration!
6. Use a wreath hanger to hang.

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