Thursday, September 16, 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane

Still at the airport ... and surrounded by clunky, ugly, heavy luggage. And since I've got not much else to do for the next few hours, I've been searching around for some creative ways to make vintage suitcases, which are so much more attractive yet less functional than our luggage today, useful again.

Some crafty DIYers have figured out a few adorable ways to turn vintage luggage into gorgeous side tables.

All you have to do is paint it up and add a few legs ...

Image found here.

Or just go with the legs ...

Images found here and here.

Or even just the paint ...

Image found here.

And you can even skip that all together and just stack 'em up!

Images found here, here, and here.

And because this is just too sweet to not throw it in ... you can even turn it into a pet bed!

And this one here.

As soon as my luggage is safely to its destination, I'm off to look for some vintage pieces to DIY revamp!


  1. love the idea of adding legs!!

  2. L
    these ideas!
    I have a set of three pieces of vintage Hartmann Luggage that I love!
    Wanna see them?

    Thanks for the inspiration! I may have to utilize my cases instead of storing them...
    Hugs and blessings to you as you make your home!


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