Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Going up

I don't know if it's my rising years or what, but today I've got ladders on the mind ... specifically these fantastic DIY ladder projects I've spied around some crafty blogs. These are so cute and simple! And I bet there are a million used-up ladders out there that are too old to stand on but just right for one of these projects. They're just waiting to be picked up! I'm going to hunt for my own!

First up this ladder as a plant stand seen on Family Crafts. This is perfect for me since I've been trying to think of ways to make an indoor garden look cute! I also love how Cappuccino Cabin painted this vintage ladder and used it to hang hand towels! The raffia adds a lovely touch.

This next one isn't a ladder, but it's a ladder-back chair and so amazing I had to add it! Recyclart took this old chair and made it an awesome shelf. Love it! And next is another towel holder, this one from Remodelista. I like how the rope TP hanger adds to the rustic feel.

And last is from The Creative Mama. I love the chalkboard and chicken wire! This could be used in an office as is; in a kitchen with cookbooks hanging on it and recipes written in chalk; or even in a bathroom with towels and magazines hanging. Fabulous!

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