Sunday, January 30, 2011


Welcome back from the weekend friends! Derek and I had a fabulous time this weekend attending the PGA tour event at nearby Torrey Pines. I'm not much into golf myself, but Derek was like a kid waiting for Christmas ever since we got the tickets. Excited as I was initially not, I actually had a fabulous time! The competition, crowd, sun, and a few beers turned me into quite the golf fan. I even got a thumbs-up from this guy.

Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed at the event, and thus I have zero golf pictures to post. Instead, I thought I 'd share the above pictures taken a few months ago when Derek took me beach horseback riding for my birthday! Random, I know, but I was reminiscing in my Picasa albums today and thought why not?

What did you do this weekend? Are you a golf fan or more the mini-golfing type like I am? Happy Monday!

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  1. Yeah, mini golf all the way for me! But it sounds like a fun trip anyway.


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