Monday, January 24, 2011


After being out of town for a few weekends in a row, Derek and I were excited to have a relaxing weekend at home - just the two of us.

Friday night we took it easy with a yummy sushi dinner out and some Netflix back at home. On Saturday, we headed to nearby Del Mar for an antiques fair! It was a lovely day outside, perfect for a Jeep drive.

To get in the thrifty-antique spirit I donned this floaty Target dress ($5) and my vintage Frye cowboy boots - thrifted for $8! Steal of the century.

Antiques fairs are the perfect place to accessorize! Check out these baubles! And that dress! To die for - but $500!

These folks got into their outfits as well. Meet Captain F-Bomb and some of his friends. They dress in "Steam Boat Punk" - imagine the Victorian age and a sci-fi movie combined.

I love the unique people and the unique finds at antique fairs. I could imagine this "gum parker" being cute in a bubble gum loving tween's room and this Jolly Roger boat would be a lovely surprise for a little guy. And the nut machine? Well that's just fun for everyone.

I think Derek was a little overwhelmed by it all, but he had a good time checking out some of the antique watches and listening in on a discussion about fishing lures. Maybe some of this antique shaving cream would've done him well. Could this stuff still be good?

After the antique fair we made our way home and had steak with this amazing topping. Then we headed to the drive-in theater to see The Green Hornet. The movie was just OK by itself but curling up in the back of the Jeep in our sweats with wine and candy made it a real winner.

Sunday morning I set off the fire alarm (oops!) while making beignets from mix Derek's mom sent us straight from The Big Easy! Beignets are delicious, especially paired with French coffee from New Orleans as well. Thanks Chris!

The rest of the day we relaxed, watched football, and got ready to get back to the grind!

How was your weekend? Can't wait to hear!

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  1. my weekend was nothing exciting. i worked. retail, ugh.

    but yours? yours sounds absolutely perfect. i can't wait to have a weekend off to relax the same way.

    thanks for sharing. glad you had a good time! :)


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