Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to the future - 2010/2011

I can't believe it's the first Monday in 2011 already! The past year and the past week of vacation time has flown so quickly by that I wanted to recapture a few of 2010's highlights as well as note down some of my goals for 2011 so you all can help hold me accountable!

The best of 2010:

- Moving to California and in with Derek was a huge decision that felt as easy as breathing. The heart knows what's best and I'm the happiest I've ever been!

- Living in NYC with my best gal pals and visiting wonderful friends and family in Boston, Pittsburgh, Florida, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Houston.

- Derek ending his time in the military after four years and two deployments. And now going back to school! I'm so proud of him and so glad he's safe and here with me to stay. All my thoughts to those out there with friends and family overseas!

- A half cross-country road trip from St. Louis to San Diego and seeing the Grand Canyon.

- Derek's first year at my Thanksgiving and our mutual first year of two family Christmases - Derek's and my own. It was so much fun to hang out with both - double the cheer!

- A promotion at work! Loving my new day job and the fact that I've started back up at my nighttime hobby -this blog!

- Dying my hair back to it's natural light brown after 10 (yes I'm only 24) years of highlighting to blonde. I love it!

Goals for 2011:

- Learn to use more than just the "shoot" button on my new Canon! Luckily my guy bought me a photography book for Christmas!

- Work up the strength and endurance to run all the way up Cowles Mountain - a feat I attempt with Derek every weekend but always end up walking and meeting him up at the top.

- Learn to use my new sewing machine! I'd love to have sewn something I can wear by the year's end.

- Be better about being in touch. I have friends and family all across the country - I want to make sure I spend more time on the phone and via snail mail keeping in touch, instead of just seeing what's going on via Facebook.

- Thoroughly explore San Diego. We may not be in "America's Finest City" much longer after Derek graduates in 2012, so I'd like to be sure I gave it the full once-over.

- Make more recipes of my own invention. I'm an expert at following recipes and I've come up with a few of my own, but I'd love to get more creative with my imagination.

- Do more for the people I love and those I've never met - a smile on the street, surprise homemade gift in the mail, a good listening ear, time spent volunteering - small minutes of action can add up big time for what you do for the world.

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