Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ghost writer

I've had so little time to read lately, I'm wondering if I should opt for one of these nifty alternatives to my real book case!

Bookcase wallpaper on Design*Sponge

Bookcase chalkboard wall by Inspired by Charm.

Aren't they awesome!?

Have you read anything great lately? Would love our recommendations for when I finally get around to my real shelves!

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  1. i'll tell you something good i've read lately... your comment on Lauren Lane Decor's mantel post! i checked out your odl post, then googled "fireplace mantel headboard" and have now decided the antique mantel my sweet husband surprised me with last week will eventually become our headboard when we makeover our master bedroom.

    THANK YOU so much for sparking that idea and giving me a spot to use it that is unique and lovely!



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