Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trimmed & Taylored presents the letter B

I've been crazy in love with the yarn wreaths all you crafties have been churning out like the beauties spotted on Take Heart here. I originally planned on making one for Derek's parents for Christmas, but in a short burst of over-achiever-ness at JoAnn's decided to attempt a yarn "B' for their last name.

I'm super happy with the result and it looks quite cute hanging in their house. Check out the how-to and the pics below and let me know what you think!

- Paper mache letter
- Yarn (I used one whole spool)
- Felt in your choice of colors (I used 4 - 5 sheets)
- Cardboard
- Glue gun
- Staple gun


1. Tie off a bit of ribbon at the back of your letter - where you start will depend on your letter - and then begin to wrap. Based on the shape of your letter, there will be various areas where you can't wrap the yarn. I used a bit of glue in some areas to help guide the yarn where it needed to be and left the other areas to be later covered with felt flowers.

2. Begin making your felt flowers. Cut a circle of felt with uneven edges then begin cutting the circle into a spiral. You should end with a large line of felt. Make various size circles to change your flower size.

3. Beginning at the end of your spiral, start to roll the felt tightly - forming a little rose! I also cut little leaves out of green felt.

4. Begin placing the roses around your letter, strategically placing them to cover any bare spots.
5. Trace your letter loosely onto a piece of cardboard (I used a pizza box) so that it will fit behind the letter but not poke out of the sides. Then use the cardboard to trace the same shape onto a sheet of felt. Glue the felt and the cardboard together and staple to the back of the letter to cover any back bare spaces.

6. I then attached a little loop of ribbon to the back for hanging, though you can also use a picture holder.

Voila! The letter B!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my bloggy blog!!! I am glad you found me and you should maybe sell those letters cuz' I would seriously buy one!!


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