Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The keys to Keystone

Whew! I'm finally caught up on life after an incredible long weekend in Keystone, Colorado, and while I'm always happy to be home in my own bed, I confess my heart is slightly achy every time I think about those breathtaking mountains and nights spent staring up at millions of stars in the hot tub.

Our friends Jess and Darren taught Derek and I how to snowboard and it was a blast! We're a little sore and bruised but the adrenaline rush of free-falling from 11,000 feet is unlike anything else! The term of the rest of the weekend was "swanky" since it was spent with a lot of wine, board games, steam showers, hottubbing, and delicious food in Jess's family's amazing and welcoming Keystone home.

I was too nervous to bring my camera to the top of the mountain but here are some shots of other weekend highlights.

A chalkboard sign created by Derek before we departed. Is he not the cutest boyfriend in the world?

Our gracious hosts ...

A yummy, yummy breakfast pre-Keystone at Snooze in Denver. Eggs Benedict with arugula and Brie? Yes, please. Surprise (free) pineapple upside down pancake from our server? OK!

Wine, cheese, and these pretty chalkboard wine glasses Derek and I made for our hosts! Tutorial to come ...

Salmon on flaky pastry dough ...

and catching up with my best high school friend.

The great room where we spent most of our home time by the fireplace. The large windows are perfectly aligned with the Continental Divide.

More glorious windows like this one above the master bathroom tub and the above the master bed.

A gourmet kitchen with built-in wok among the many amenities!

Furry hats and friends.

The homemade s'mores we had from the marshmallows and graham crackers I made from this and this recipe.

My handsome mountain man who picked-up snowboarding like he'd been doing it his whole life ...

And a restaurant with his name.

A quick visit to quaint Breckenridge ...

and lots of hot drinks like this hot riley (hot cocoa and Bailey's) and homemade snugglies (hot cocoa, peppermint schnapps topped with cinnamon and a homemade marshmallow).

Thank you Jess and Darren!! We had a wonderful time in your wonderland and can't wait to come back!

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  1. The Honey Vanilla Bean marshmallows sound wonderful!

    Here's the version I've used:

    But the addition of honey sounds lovely, and like it would be the perfect complement to the s'mores.


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