Monday, January 17, 2011

Coming out of the closet

I have a confession to make: I am a clothes-a-holic.

Although you wouldn't know it from home office uniform of sweats, I have a closet brimming with clothes. Not expensive clothes mind you, because in addition with my love of clothes, I have a love of bargain hunting (thanks Mom). Put me to work in a sale room or at a Marshall's or T.J. Maxx and I'll come out with more cute tops, pants, and dresses than you can shake your first at. But because bargain hunting means I can get more bang for my buck, I often end up with more clothes than I need, and even some items that attracted my eye initially, but end up sadly abandoned in my closet as my favorites get to tool around town.

Since we're off to a new year, I decided to put this bad habit to an end ... at least while I'm working from home and cute work outfits are rendered entirely unnecessary. To get going on this goal, I developed a plan that I began to carry out this weekend. Here it is:

First, I cleaned out my closet of anything I haven't worn in over a year and anything that's unrepairable (I have a habit of keeping my favorite things even when they're holey and I don't wear them).

Then, I took all the empty hangers and tucked them away, out of view. My rule now is, that I can't put any more hangers up - meaning if something new is coming in, something old has to go out. This way, each time I'm tempted to buy something, I have to weigh it against the other items in my closet -- Is it really something I need? Do I like it enough to get rid of something else? If the answer is yes, I must donate to Goodwill one piece of clothing to open up a hanger for the new item (same rule goes for folded items though it's more fun with the hangers - like musical chairs).

I'm so excited and already got started by getting rid of a preteen-looking cropped black blazer that's been in my closet for years, and replacing it with a grown-up lacy (yet also cropped) black Lauren Conrad (yes I love it) jacket I found on sale at Kohl's for a very bargain-licous $14.

What do you think of my plan? Do you have your open tips for keeping your closet in check?

P.S. Who has a closet neat enough to perform as a headboard? I mean who!? Jealous. Image from here.


  1. Taylor we just added an organizer to our closet. I had no idea how much I had till now I can see it all. I love your goal and will give it a go too. Nothing new without something going.

  2. i was going to say... "if that's your room...!!!!" stunning.

    good luck with your plan. i shooouuuuld attempt this, as should my hubby. ha!


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