Friday, January 14, 2011

Foodie Friday

Happy Friday!

Every week I scour my favorite food blogs for new dinner recipes to try. I love to cook and look forward to tasting the finished product and getting a rating from Derek. So that you may learn from my successes and my mistakes, each Friday, I thought I'd start sharing the links to the recipes I made during the week along with a review and tips!

I hope you enjoy this new segment and please share links to your favorites in the comments below!

Rating Key:
Taste rated by Derek to eliminate cook's bias: 1 (wouldn't make again) to 5 (an eminent kitchen comeback)
Difficulty: 1 (could cook it while talking to a live-audience) to 5 (left the kitchen sweating)

Tuesday: Pan Roasted Salmon with Ginger Soy Glaze from The Kitchen Sink Recipes
Rating: 5 - "Perfectly cooked and a wonderful glaze."
Difficulty: 1 - super easy and quick!
Sides: Rice-a-Roni Fried Rice and steamed broccoli
Tips: Freeze your leftover ginger root to keep it good for future recipes!

Wednesday: Marsala Chicken with Sage and Cremini Mushrooms from Martha Stewart
Rating: 5 - "" 
Difficulty: 2 - a little more time-consuming
Sides: steamed green beans, salad, and bread
Tips: None
Thursday: Spaghetti with Braised Kale from The Kitchen Sink Recipes
Rating: 4 - "Light, healthy, and savory"
Difficulty: 2
Sides: Homemade bread and salad
Tips: My pasta stuck together quite a bit - I'd run cold water over the drained pasta, add a tiny bit of butter, and toss well to prevent this in the future.

Friday: Grilled Apple-and-Cheese Sandwich with Homemade Sage Pesto from The Kitchen Sink Recipes
Rating: 5
Difficulty: 2 - only because I hate cleaning my food processor
Side: Salad
Tips: I used homemade bread from this recipe on Smitten Kitchen

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