Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh happy tray

While hunting for ugly Christmas sweaters for this event, I happened across this sad, neglected tray and couldn't help but see the potential in it, especially for just $1. Derek battled against me bringing home yet another piece of orphaned home decor, but I finally won him over.

And once he gave it a quick spray of white paint, I think he felt a little more welcoming toward it ...

Even more so when I covered the bottom with some green burlap ...

And then finished off the rough edges with jute twine ...

He even volunteered his stronger/steadier hand to cut out the stencil I printed out ...

And I knew he was officially in love when he took the lead in spraying the stencil on in black.

But in the end we sent the "E" for "Engler" tray, off to a better home, my parents', for Christmas.


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  2. We have always loved your blog and are awarding you with an award that you inspired us to create the MY BLOG IS... (kick a*s) AWARD!!! Check it out on our blog to accept it :) Thanks for being so darned awesome.

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  3. your DIY's are the best - easy on the budget and easy to complete! thanks for more inspiration!

  4. It looks awesome! He does good work! :)


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