Friday, December 10, 2010

Before you judge my scrawny Christmas tree...

let me give you the full story.

First you need to know that when my sweet boyfriend makes up his mind about something, herds of wild animals can not stop him.

So this year when he decided that we needed to start a tradition of purchasing a live, potted tree, replanting it after the holidays, then recording the location so no matter where we move, we can search our growing tree on Google Maps ... there was no turning back. Not even when we discovered that most potted trees cost upwards of $100, or when we realized we'd only actually be in town two weeks to enjoy our tree.

A live tree was going to make it's way into our tiny apartment, or no tree at all would be allowed through the door.

So to combat the cost issue, and still fill our home with holiday cheer, we settled on this guy. He's alive and kickin' and only cost $15 at Home Depot. And while only about 1/3 of our ornaments could fit on his branches, and they sag under the weight of the tiniest adornment, I love him dearly. First because it's Derek and my first tree together, and second, because it's the start of a sweet tradition that we'll carry on for years to come.

And what about you? Are you starting a tradition this year? Or carrying on a special one from the past? Is your tree the mangy mutt that no one wanted like ours is? Tell me all about it! Happy Holidays!


  1. That does seem like a cute tradition. Maybe you should carve you names on it after you finally plant it. hmmmm...maybe not. either way, it's still cute with all the decorations.

    I am from a place were Christmas trees are plentiful. Our town is even called the home of the perfect Christmas we have a live one every year. We end up putting Halmark decorations on it. That's been a tradition for us since I can remember.

  2. I think that is the cutest idea!


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