Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Send a message

A week or so ago I included this boxing gloves necklace in my giving guide from The Afternoon. I love this kitchy necklace and think it would be a really special gift to let a friend who is going through a difficult time know that she can hang tough.

While hunting around for some more gift ideas, I found two other special pieces of jewelry that can send a message between friends.

First up, I love these Morse code necklaces found via A Cup of Jo. The one below says "Fine" but you can purchase them in all sorts of messages like "friend," "mom," and "I love you."

I also think this "heal" bracelet from Dogeared is exceptionally dainty but with a powerful message. If you haven't ever been to Dogeared's site, I highly recommend you check it out! Their jewelry is beautiful and there is a symbol of message for everyone on your list!

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