Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wrap star

One of the best parts of Christmas is seeing all the beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree and speculating about what could be inside. But with all the fancy bags, wraps, and ribbons out there, it would be easy to spend just as much for the trimmings, as you do for the actual gift.

That's why I love craft paper. For about $3, you get a huge roll that can last you through several Christmases. For a few more dollars, you can pick up some fancy ribbon (I used a coupon at Michael's so these nice rolls were about $2 each) and then add some extra accouterments. I save buttons, stickers, bits of ribbon and other crafty knick-nacks I come across throughout the year, and end up with a huge bag of treats to use in my wrapping. This year, I also incorporated some jute twine from a never-ending $2.50 roll I bought for this project and a cute wine cork on one gift to hint at what's inside ...

The other great thing about craft paper? It's infinitely adaptable. Change out the ribbon color, sticker theme, etc., and you don't have to buy new wrapping for birthdays, Valentine's Day, anything!


  1. i love wrapping presents! one of my favorite parts. :) yours are so cute! xx

  2. Another fun, versatile alternative? Aluminum foil! You have to be gentle with it, and it's best used on boxes, but the impact is awesome!


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