Friday, October 29, 2010

Cinema magic

My favorite movie theater when I was growing up was a local place called the Tivoli that had one screen, a live organist before the show, and charged $1 for a movie ticket. Though the Tivoli got movies after they'd be in the big box office theaters for several weeks, the atmosphere, price, and the incredibly buttery popcorn couldn't be beat.

I haven't been back to Tivoli or the town it's in for years, but with the popularity of pricey, multi-screen theaters, I wouldn't be surprised if it's been torn down or if movies cost $10 per ticket like they do near me now.

While I'd pay a lot more to experience the magical feel of the Tivoli once more, I was thrilled today to find a deal from the site Plum District for four movie tickets redeemable at any theatre on for just $25. To purchase, just click here, search for San Diego (though the deal is good for any city), sign-up and buy!

Since I've got movies on the mind, I thought I'd also share three of my favorite movie houses of all time. All pictures via Hooked on Houses.

The closest to perfection I've ever seen in a house is the gorgeous home in Father of The Bride. I LOVE this house and the movie!

The English cottage in The Holiday looks like the perfect place to hibernate for the winter.

If I could go back in time, I'd live in the Victorian mansion from Meet Me in St. Louis and sing with Judy Garland.

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