Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A working home

Part of my move to California means I'll be working from home full-time. To make this new style of work, work, I wanted a desk that was both functional and made me feel great.

While Craigslist surfing, I came across this black, solid wood desk for just $40. I loved the bamboo detailing and the roomy drawers, but hated the black lacquer color and fabric glued to the top.

Lucky for me, I live with quite the handy man. Derek put a ton of effort and perhaps a few brain cells into getting the lacquer off of it with some serious chemicals and a lot of elbow grease.

Sanded and primed away the ugly dark color...

and then together we painted it a cool grey with white drawer faces.

I found some adorable drawer pulls for just $3 each at Gracious Homes' going out of business sale in NYC (originally $25 a pop)! Since the colors we chose are so muted, we thought it would add a fun pop to mix up the handles with a few different designs and shapes. I love how it turned out and think the desk can be easily updated in the future just by switching out the handles!

I needed a place to sit while I type at my beautiful new desk so we bought a cheap antique chair at a consignment store and reupholstered the seat with some pretty grey and yellow/green fabric. The chair is nice and roomy so I can curl up while I type and I love how the colors mix with the desk.

To complete my workstation I added a few of my favorite things so I'm surrounded by good thoughts while I'm putting in my hours. On the right side I have my favorite picture of my Mom and I, an April angel in honor of my Nana, a mini wine box with my name on it, my rainy day fund in a chubby bank, and a medal Derek earned in the Air Force and gave to me.

On the left side I have a glass slipper my Nana got me in Disney World years ago, a photo of the prince charming/handy man I was waiting for, my handsome Grandpa in his Navy uniform, and my Papa's pocket watch. The milk glass lamp I found as a thrift store for $3.

So far I love my work area! I can't wait to see how it folds in once we have the rest of the place done (i.e. ignore the ugly tan microsuade couches, covers are in the mail) and know this will be a special piece I'll keep around for years to come!

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  1. Wow, that was a lot of work to clean up the desk! Looks great! Love your color choices.


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