Monday, July 13, 2009

Sweet Freedom

Years of excessive coffee drinking have made me a daily caffeine addict and I find my mornings don’t officially start until I’ve had my first sip of a coffee beverage.

I recently went on a photo shoot for Kansas City Homes and Gardens at a beautiful new-built home. Of all the wonderful attributes of this prairie palace, my favorite was the built-in coffee bar in the master bathroom. Fresh brewed coffee when I’m fresh out of the shower? Sounds like heaven to me.

In the hot summertime, the only thing to better satiate my caffeine cravings than an iced cup of my favorite morning beverage is coffee ice cream. Lucky for me (and all of you) Starbucks is giving away free pints of their new flavors of ice cream through July 19. All you need to do is fill in your address through their Facebook application. (I found the link doesn’t work well so simply type “share new Starbucks ice cream” into your Facebook search window to find the application).

You can send a coupon to yourself or a friend … so surprise someone with a sweet wake-up and a spoonful of Starbucks. Happy Monday!

Image from Jen's Mom on Flickr

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  1. YUM! good to know about...also, the plates on my blog today are from crate & barrel and they're currently on sale!


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