Friday, July 31, 2009

Have more fun

Confession: I am not a natural light-blonde. And my roots have now grown out to the point that it almost seems pointless to go on and I feel I am about to succumb to my true mousey color. All of this just in time for me to once again have changed cities and thus be left to hunt down a stylist before I make an appointment.

While I go searching for the next person to color my hair (the only hands that have touched my locks more than twice in the past five years are my own) here’s a solution for all you blondes at heart out there who may be starting to go a little too au naturale.

To blend brown roots into blonde hair, sprinkle a little baby powder on the offensive area and rub around with a dry washcloth. Careful to not overdo it or you’ll look more dandruffy than blondie, but this trick should hold you over until your next bleach-fix.

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