Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pen Pal

I’ve moved about five separate times in my life and now that I’ve graduated college I have an even broader network of friends spread across the globe. Regretfully, I’ve never been great about keeping in touch, but I promised myself after college I would send each friend at least one hand-written note a year on his or her birthday.

Now I’m going to up the ante for myself and commit to sending one “hello” through snail mail every week. It’s a easy, inexpensive gesture, but everyone knows finding something special in your real mailbox (not just your inbox) is enough to brighten an entire week!

If anything is going to help keep me faithful to my new vow, it’s a set of cute stationary. I’m thinking of picking up a couple of these adorable notes so I always have something on hand.

1. Vintage Telegram, $18 for 6, KatesPaperie.com
2. Blank notecard set, $9 for 8, CuriosityShoppeOnline.com
3. Stitchable Stationary, $14.95 for 6, CuriosityShoppeOnline.com
4. Two Elephants, $14 for 8, PaperSource.com
5. Black brocade, $12.50 for 8, PaperSource.com
6. Vera Wang laser cut notes, $33.50 for 10, KatesPaperie.com
7. Taxi in the rain, $7.50 for 8, KatesPaperie.com

Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Target are also three great shops to look for note cards and stationary that are adorable and affordable.

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