Sunday, July 12, 2009

How 'do?

After several unsuccessful months of trying to grow out my hair I’ve finally given in and realized my thin locks are not meant for length … at least without the help of pricey extensions. So I’ve made an appointment at an Ulta salon where you get a cut, style and treatment for just $45 (first time visitors can also print a $10 off coupon here).

Now I’m just left to decide exactly how my new hairdo will look. I think the right short cut will make me look older and more sophisticated as well as add volume to my limp locks. I’m a fan of this Ashley Olsen ‘do which is angled towards the front and parted down the middle. But I also like Nicole Richie’s sweeping bangs and side part. Which do you think? I’ve got until Tuesday to decide and then I go under the scissors … wish me luck!

Image of Ashley Olsen from Image of Nicole Richie from

1 comment:

  1. ashley's will be easier to style but if you can do bangs, nicole's style is awesome too. i love both, can't miss!


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