Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Sometimes great fashion can be found in the most unexpected (and affordable) places. I recently stumbled upon this pair of ivory patent pumps with a flower heel and loved how unique they look. I was surprised to see they were from Newport News, somewhere I’ve never shopped before. I was even more pleasantly shocked to see they are a steal at only $35 … a low-price must since a pair like these isn’t for everyday wear.

I decided to see what else Newport News has to offer and found several great heels at incredibly great prices! This platform pair with three ankle straps for a bold detail are the most expensive at $39. I love the ruffle detail and contrast of the heel on this grey pair at just $15! And can you believe this pair of slouchy black boots (sorry for the blown-out image) is just $12? They’re worth it even if I wear them once.

Try the coupon code L25 to get free shipping and see how many pairs you can stock up on for next to nothing! Send me the news!

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