Thursday, July 9, 2009

By the Sea Shore

I was recently on the beach on Long Island where I collected a beautiful pair of scalloped seashells. I took them home unsure of what I wanted to use them for but unable to let them go. As I unpacked my jewelry from my suitcase I conveniently slipped a few of my rings into one shell and thought, “Ta-da! Instant coastal jewelry holder.”

My shell idea got me thinking about other crafty ways to use this natural beauty. Fill a shell with candle wax and a wick for a beachy votive or add flair to a seafood dinner party by filling washed shells with salt and pepper for guests to use. Country Living had this great idea (see below) to use a shell to decorate the edges of a summer pastry.

Seashells by trimmedandtaylored featuring Alexander McQueen clutches

Seashells also inspire tons of fashion and d├ęcor with their scalloped edges, ridged tops and pastel colors. I love this avant-garde hair piece and these silk shorts are perfect for a summer night out. I am especially delighted by this ring which is delicate, lovely and actually made of shells!

So hit the beach and see what beauty you can find. Happy hunting!

From left, clockwise: crafting with seashells, Country Living; candle tumbler by Bernardaud, $50,; Vintage Seashell Ring,; Pleat Silk Japanese Hairband, 55,00 EUR,; Seashell Silk Shorts, $117,; Alexander McQueen Shell Shaped Clutch, $660,; Paper Orchid Seashells Cupcake Wrapper, $13,

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